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Understanding PET, PE, PP: A Guide to Small Plastic Bottles
published date: 2023/8/15

PET, PE, and PP are three common types of plastics used to manufacture colored or transparent small bottles, often utilized for packaging hand sanitizers, shower gels, shampoos, facial cleansers, etc., ideal for travel and trial packs.


PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate):

Characteristics: High transparency, wear-resistant.

Advantages: Lightweight, good chemical stability.

Disadvantages: Hard and brittle.

Applications: Suitable for premium shampoo, shower gel packaging.


PE (Polyethylene):

Characteristics: Soft, elastic.

Advantages: Strong impact resistance, lower cost.

Disadvantages: Poor transparency.

Applications: Suitable for flexible packaging of daily care products.


PP (Polypropylene):

Characteristics: Moderate hardness, chemically stable.

Advantages: Heat resistant, corrosion-resistant.

Disadvantages: Higher cost.

Applications: Suitable for packaging products requiring high-temperature sterilization.


In conclusion, PET, PE, and PP materials each have their characteristics and applications, providing a wide range of choices for different needs.

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